Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Florentines - of a sort

These are my attempt at making Florentines like the ones found in the Woodlands Centre at Stornoway. They aren't the same by any means but they are acceptable. when I perfect the recipe I shall post it again.

2 oz butter
1 tablespoon syrup
3 tablespoons golden granulated sugar
1 tablespoon mixed dried fruit - mainly sultanas
½ tablespoon chopped almonds
½ tablespoon glace cherries - chopped
15 squares of chocolate
10 squares of chocolate for drizzle

Melt the ingredients - excluding the cornflakes and chocolate for drizzle - in a large saucepan. Then add cornflakes and turn slowly - trying not to break up the cornflakes but to cover them with the mixture. Try to add enough cornflakes to absorb all the mixture without adding so many that some cornflakes remain uncovered.

Spoon out onto greaseproof paper and mould into roundish shapes. Allow to cool. Melt the 10 remaining squares of chocolate and drizzle them over the 'Florentines'.
Put in the fridge to cool down for a while. Store in an airtight container.

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