Thursday, 20 August 2009

Chicken Soup


4 large potatoes
1 large carrot
1 large onion
1 clove of garlic
100 gm noodles
3 chicken stock cubes
1 chicken breast
! small packet croutons

In a very large pan bring to the boil 3 pints of water. Add the chicken stock cubes and continue to simmer and stir on a low heat throughout the rest of the process.
Dice one potato into very small cubes and put them in the water.
Grate the other three potatoes and add them.
Grate the carrot and add it.
Grate the onion and add it.
Crush the garlic and add to the mix.
Add the noodles.
Lightly fry the chicken breast in oil. Cut it open when there is a chance that it is cooked. If not completely cooked continue to fry until it is. (The more lightly it is cooked the more tender it will be.)
Cut and tear the chicken breast into tiny pieces and add to the soup.
Continue to simmer with the occasional stir for half an hour.
Remove from the heat and insert a stick blender. Lightly blend, leaving some of it thick so that there are some potato pieces and noodles left whole.

Serve with croutons.

Makes enough for six as a snack or as a meal starter. Any not eaten at the time can be frozen for the future - ideally in individual portions for snacks - or kept in the fridge for three days.

(There are, of course, many variations of this such as using left-over chicken; adding sweetcorn; using only half the amount of potato, carrot and onion and blending strongly prior to putting in the noodles to give a thinner, chicken noodle soup.)

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