Monday, 15 December 2008


I’m not supposed to drink alcohol. Firstly it gives me migraines (or should I say more migraines) and secondly it clashes with about six of the tablets that I take. Normally I don’t miss it. A glass of wine with the occasional dinner would be nice but the price is not worth it.

However, as Christmas comes around I begin to fancy a drink. I love liqueurs. I also love eggnog. At this moment I’m absolutely dying for an eggnog (and I haven’t even had breakfast yet!)

So, instead of having an eggnog I’ve settled for looking at all the recipes I could find and deciding which I would like best. I’ve settled for this recipe.

There are a number of websites totally devoted to eggnog and whilst I haven’t explored this one I love the way the topping has been put on in shapes.

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  1. I can think of few things I would rather not drink. I thought an English Coffee Drinker's Hot Milk was bad enough but egg nog. Double yuk.


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